Improve your acne

Have you tried everything to clear up your acne?

It could be time to try Kleresca®, an innovative new treatment for acne vulgaris that has just arrived in Australia. 

Many people with acne aren’t sure how to wage a winning battle against their skin. Conventional acne treatments can pose challenges, from not working to skin irritation to serious side effects. If you struggle with acne, take comfort in the fact that it is not your fault, and Kleresca® Acne Treatment was created to help.

You should ask a clinician for assistance to find the best solution for your condition.

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What is Kleresca®?

Kleresca® is a breakthrough biophotonic treatment that significantly and comfortably improves acne vulgaris with high safety. It is offered in professional dermatology clinics. 

Kleresca® harnesses the power of biophotonics to treat your acne and stimulate the tissue’s own repair systems. The treatment uses a high intensity in-clinic light device together with a photoconverter gel to kill bacteria in the skin and initiate healing.

Kleresca® is administered twice a week for six weeks. The treatment offers you a comfortable experience. A nurse or practitioner will apply a photoconverter gel that is illuminated under a multi-wavelength LED light for nine minutes. That is it.

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