Acne treatment

Are you looking to improve your complexion with high safety?

Acne is painful enough, the treatment shouldn’t be. If you’re looking to improve your complexion, Kleresca® Acne Treatment might be just what you are looking for. 

The Kleresca® Acne treatment takes place on your skin and is not absorbed or metabolised, making it a well-tolerated treatment option for acne vulgaris.

Kleresca® has been designed for you with safety and efficiency in mind and has demonstrated long-lasting efficacy in clinical studies.

You should ask a clinician for assistance to find the best solution for your condition.

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What is Kleresca®?

Kleresca® Acne Treatment is a breakthrough BioPhotonic treatment that improves acne vulgaris with high safety. It has just arrived in Australia, and it is offered in professional dermatology clinics.

BioPhotonics is a unique light conversion system that is designed to stimulate your skin’s own repair at the cellular level. It uses multi-wavelength light device combined with a photoconverter gel. The gel allows the spectrum of wavelengths to penetrate into the dermis to kill bacteria and stimulate your skin’s own repair systems, thus treating your acne and encouraging the build-up of collagen to reduce the signs of scarring.

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